Exploring The Natural World

The most important thing to me when creating art is going out and exploring nature, and then showcasing it in my art pieces. Whether it is a simple portrait of someone with beautiful bokeh in the trees, an implied nude piece with an epic landscape as a backdrop, or just a beautiful landscape without a human subject – I use nature as my studio for 99% of my artwork.
Exploring nature is such an exiting thing to do. I have 2 main hiking partners, my boyfriend Nicolas and my best friend Rose. If I am not alone, I am with one of them. Together, we have seen so much of the forest and the mountains that surround our little town. There are so many trails to hike and service roads to go driving down – but today I want to tell you about the last 2 adventures Rose and I went on.



When my best friend Rose came home from recording her new album in Ontario, she wanted to take me to stay at this cute cabin where her friend always goes sledding. We drove up a service road for about 45 mins, and then parked and got on the snow mobile to ride the rest of the way to the cabin. Sadly, whenever I go to explore high elevations, I almost always get stuck in the clouds. It is gorgeous and mystical…but it’s also starting to get really disappointing. When you are literally in the clouds, you can barely see in front of you. It creates a really interesting atmosphere, but it’s very hard to get a variety of “moods” in your pictures. Not only that, but you miss out on the insane view of all the mountain tops that surround Squamish. Despite my disappointment, I found a way to have fun and create some cool pieces.

IMG_9677 web
While we were walking around getting lost in the fog, we heard a massive avalanche. It was really cool, but also very intimidating. The snow tumbling down a mountain in the distance sounded like thunder, and it echoed off of everything. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that…unless I happened to be in a helicopter. =P
I’ve never really been a big fan of the snow because I was raised in Calgary. -40 with a wind chill in super dry conditions, I always locked myself up inside for the winter and only left when I had to go to work. In Squamish it is gorgeous, it never really goes below zero here and it’s so wet so you can actually build snowmen and have snowball fights.

IMG_9907 web
All of these pictures are what I consider to be my “candid shots” – I would never put them in my portfolio or on facebook because they are more sentimental than conceptual. I love them but I love creating pieces of art more. While Rose and I were up at Brohm Ridge, I created 2 conceptual pieces. A gorgeous nude portrait of her, and a really dark nude self-portrait. These last two photos conclude adventure #1 – now it’s time for adventure #2!! =D

IMG_9748 - 2 web
darkness web


I work at the Sea to Sky Gondola, and a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to do the big hike up to the top. I wanted to take Rose with me, because she can put up with my grumpiness better than anyone. It’s a 12km hike up a mountain, with some really big inclines along the journey. I am still a smoker(trying to quit, trust me) and these big hikes kick my ass.

pano hike web
This trail is absolutely gorgeous. You walk up the side of a massive waterfall in certain areas, there are so many different types of fauna and flora as you get higher and higher, if it’s cloudy the trail is misty and beautiful and if it’s sunny it’s covered in beautiful dappled light, and there are ropes and chains that you have to use when going up steep rocks. We would stop and take little breaks, munch on some food and take in our surroundings.

One of my favorite things about Squamish is that it is green all year round. There are so many different types of trees here and because of that we get an amazing autumn, but still get a beautiful green winter. There is moss everywhere. Cute mushrooms and ferns. Big beautiful coniferous trees. Every time I go explore I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.

IMG_0395 double web
While on this hike I was able to create 4 pieces that I absolutely adore. The very first black and white image at the beginning of the blog was taken on this hike. A gorgeous nude of Rose, a portrait of Rose that I edited in a really creative and crazy way, and a nude self-portrait. These hikes are the most satsfying to me because I create a lot, and they are all really different concepts. I work a lot so I don’t have as much time as I’d like to shoot – so when I do, I like to take a lot of pictures.

IMG_0025 double
Untitled_Panorama2 web dark
Wow! That was a long blog and a bit of a rant. I want to start writing these types of blogs more to let you guys in and show you who I am and what I love. If you actually made it through this short story, thank you for sticking around and listening to me. Shout out to my best friend Rose, thank you for putting up with my silliness and exploring the world with me. <3   IMG_0430 web

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