Falling In Love With Mexico

I have been back from Mexico for a week…and already it feels like my time there was a dream.
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My mom messaged me a couple months ago and asked me if I wanted to go on a vacation with her. I haven’t done much travelling in my day, but spend most of my spare time dreaming about all of the places I’d like to go. She took me to Cuba a long time ago, I was 17. After going there I knew how much I wanted to explore other places and cultures. Sadly, I haven’t really been able to take the time, or save the money, to travel anywhere since then…so of course I was beyond excited for the opportunity.
This time we went to Mexico. Specifically we went to Huatulco, which is located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. We picked this place because we were travelling during spring break, and didn’t want to be in a really popular tourist destination. I am sooo happy that we made that choice, because Huatulco is insanely beautiful, and really tiny compared to a lot of places in Mexico. Around the same population as my little town, Squamish.
The locals have mind-blowing work ethics…they actually make me feel ashamed. Working 16 hour days for such a small wage. Spending 2 weeks using a loom to weave the most beautiful blankets, and only selling them for $30. Having the most beautiful artistic vision, spending so much time creating each piece and then selling their work for peanuts. Beautiful carvings made out of wood, bone, or black clay. Some are the most bright colours and spectacular designs, you can’t even comprehend how they came up with it.
The people there stole my heart. They are truly genuine and interested in what you have to say. They adore their culture and are proud of their home. They want to make you laugh, and to make you feel comfortable. They are deliriously grateful. All I wanted to do was make them feel the way that I felt, to warm their hearts the way they did mine.
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The man above defines a kind soul. I feel terrible because I don’t remember his name, but I met so many different people it was hard to keep track. My mom and I were at the textile shop, and he started yelling at as from across the street, asking us to come look at his junk. Really, he was the ultimate salesman. He was just so lighthearted and happy. We actually ran out of money in his shop, and made another trip into town just to see him. He was so proud of what he had in his store, he loved talking about everything. There was this gorgeous, hand carved of course, chess set that was Aztec Warriors VS The Spanish Army. I don’t play chess but this was a thing of beauty. I honestly would have bought everything in that store if I could have.
Every resort has a group of entertainers. Their job is to get people off their lazy butts and having a good time. The entertainers at the resort we stayed at were so amazing. The energy that they had was hard to comprehend. They were always doing something, water aerobics, beginner salsa lessons(which I failed miserably at), fake surfing in the pool, water volleyball, hula hooping. They were constantly bouncing off the walls, laughing and trying to get people to have a good time.
We are planning to do another trip down to Huatulco around November. I am really excited because I want to go explore more off of the resort. I want to go into the rural areas where people are still using the tools that the Aztec people used. There is a crocodile breeding ground and a turtle museum that I want to check out as well. I could easily live in this lovely town. I love the heat. The food is amazing. The wildlife is gorgeous, and the people there care that it is protected. They actually had signs around that said “Respect Nature”.
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To say that I fell in love with Huatulco/Mexico and the locals is an understatement. Something stuck with me from that trip, a feeling that has embedded itself into my DNA. Their culture fascinates me. The landscape takes my breath away. The locals drive has awakened something inside of me. The amount of inspiration I gained from this trip is truly incredible. I am teaching myself Spanish. I am doing my best to quit smoking and am starting to go to the gym. I have gained a new perspective on what actually makes me happy. I am going to save every penny I make so I can travel the world…maybe even move somewhere tropical.
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  • Lakshani

    Such a vibrant city and so are your captures.. !
    I’m glad you had this tour !! See every side of the world , people and their life styles .

  • Que lindo que te gusto México y que la pasaron muy bien, eso me da gusto y ya saben que son bienvenidos a México, me gustaron mucho las fotos y lo que escribiste, saludos, hasta pronto.

  • What a wonderful series, Tara! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!!

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