I am a Wanderer.

I have always wanted to explore the world. There is so much to do and see. So many cultures to experience. I have never understood how someone could be so content living in one place.

Life is so wonderful and constantly surprises me. You never know the opportunities that are going to present themselves. My little sister recently went on a cruise in Miami and met some amazing people. When she came back from her trip, she introduced me to this guy Anthony. He lives in New Jersey, and is absolutely amazing. We started skyping every night, talking about our dreams of travel and what parts of the world we wanted to explore together. I eventually planned a trip to go meet him, and we explored a bunch of different states together.

I spent 10 beautiful days with him and his family, and fell completely in love. The first day we explored this cute little place called Smithville, did some wine tasting and checked out the awesome shops they had around there. They had a organic peanut butter shop! It was amazing and I was in heaven. Then we went to Atlantic City for dinner at a cute Italian restaurant and went to a beautiful casino and I played the slot machines for the first time.
New years eve we went out to dinner with his family and then went to a house party, and I got to meet all of the people my sister met on her cruise. They were amazing and I had such a good time. I got a little bit too drunk because I was a slightly overwhelmed being surrounded by so many people that I didn’t know, but they were sweet and made me feel at home.

New Years day we spent recovering and hanging out with his family around the house. Had an amazing dinner, laughed and watched TV. The next day we went to Philadelphia. We explored the Philadelphia Museum of Art, went to the Audubon to Warhol exhibit which featured still life from the 18-19th century and then some. It was absolutely breathtaking. We went outside to explore the Rocky steps and check out this beautiful Catholic Church we saw a couple of blocks away from the museum. It was gorgeous inside, there was a lady playing the organ quietly on the level above us, and we were the only people in the church.

So, as I am taking the picture above with my phone, Anthony suggests in a whisper that we should move the sign. I said don’t worry about it, I actually like what the sign says and think it adds character to the shot. I cannot stress to you guys how quiet it was in this church. He insists that he should move the sign, and goes to lay it down in between two of the pews. As he tips it sideways, all of the words on the sign fall off and crash to the ground. The sound of the impact echos through this massive church. We are both laughing but trying to be quiet. Quickly fix the sign and pretend like nothing happens. It was hilarious.
After that we went for a walk around these beautiful paths around the museum, and then head down to explore the insanely gorgeous city hall and find a place to eat dinner. We saw amazing street artists, gorgeous architecture. Seeing how alive Philadelphia was at night made me super excited for our day in NYC.

No matter where we were, we were surrounded by so many different people and cultures. I remember going into McDonalds with him one day, and the girl behind the counter starts complementing my hair, and we start talking about how I am from Canada. She asks how Anthony and I met and she goes on about how amazing it is that we were able to find love despite being so far away from each other. While this is happening, there is a cute African American boy in line, with big headphones on dancing his ass off. Everywhere I turned there was so much to look at and take in. I didn’t think I would like America. Sadly, being a Canadian I am so used to people talking shit about Americans and their home…but I America stole my heart just as much as Anthony did.

We happen to be the biggest dorks in the world, and are kind of obsessed with the idea of the paranormal, and beings from other dimensions. I had a terrible Christmas this year, all of my family in Squamish went to see the rest of my family in Calgary and I was literally all alone. I sat in bed, ate an insane amount of junk food and watched the most fucked up horror movies I could find. I highly recommend Big Bad Wolves to anyone that can handle a bloody foreign film. But I digress; my first night in Jersey, Anthony picked me up at the airport and brought me up to his bedroom, made me sit down and handed me a gift bag. He said “I know you had a really terrible Christmas, so I wanted to have a little surprise waiting for you to make you feel better.” It warmed my heart. It was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me. Then I started to open the gift and realized that this man knows me, maybe better than anyone. There was sage to burn, a Reiki energy candle for protection, two beautiful rocks, cute socks and A DIGITAL EVP RECORDER – So I could try to communicate with spirits.

IMG_3174 web
Naturally we went out to some haunted locations in Jersey to try and communicate with them together. We went to this really cool place called The Devils Tree, which has some freaky history. African Americans were lynched here by the KKK and a man murdered his wife and daughter, and then hung himself on the tree. Apparently anyone who has tried to cut it down, has been seriously injured or died. Someone also tried to burn it down, half the tree is burnt, and someone cut off the branches that all the hanging took place on. The weird energy around this tree was undeniable, but we were unable to contact anything. We also went to Monmouth Battlefield and walked around doing EVPs there. A couple of freaky things happened to us but the recorder didn’t pick them up. Eventually we went out to dinner with his family. My first experience ever with Hibachi. It was so much fun.

The last day I really want to talk about is our day in NYC. It was absolutely magical. We took a train from Jersey to the heart of New York. Actually, we got on the wrong train and are super lucky to conductor didn’t end up charging us extra money. When we got off of the train, I was instantly overwhelmed with the amount of people everywhere, and was starting to regret the decision to come. I have never been a big city lover, I moved to Squamish to get away from city life in Calgary. As soon as we stepped out onto the streets of NYC, my heart was set on fire. The architecture is amazing. The buildings are towering over you and it’s hard to comprehend everything that is going on around you. So many different people, so many different stores. So we walked over to the Museum of Sex, which I highly recommend to anyone visiting this city. It’s super cool. There are different exhibits, some of them are interactive.
After we explored that for a while, we went to find something to eat. I decided we should have East Indian, because it’s my favorite and one of the only cultural foods we hadn’t eaten at that point. On our way, I spotted this little hole in the wall Indian shop for clothing and tapestries. Anthony saw me eyeing it down, and insisted we go in there. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted so graciously by this older lady. She gasped when she looked at me and said she loved my smile, and started asking us a million questions. She asked if I was going to move to America for Anthony, I said yes. She was so sweet, and so happy that we were able to find a love like this and told us how lucky we were to have each other. Yet another person in America that warmed my heart with their kindness. We went to eat, and it was amazing. Indian blows me and my taste buds away every time.

times square kisses
Then we walked to Times Square, AKA another planet. It was pitch black at this point, yet I have never seen a place so bright and so full of life. The people! The massive billboards and lights! It was crazy. I couldn’t get the smile off of my face. I was literally high on all of the life around me. We got to see some amazing street dancers put on an epic performance for the crowds of people. I could have spent all night there being a creep and taking pictures of random people. Eventually we walked down to Central Park and sat on a bench to talk for a bit. Then we slowly made our way back to the train station to go home.

Leaving this place, and Anthony was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have never felt so welcomed. I have never felt so eager to explore. I could probably write a book about the short 10 days I had there. It took me one day of being back in Canada to decide I am moving to America the last day of March. I couldn’t possibly wait any longer. I’ve been in Squamish for 3 years now. I grew up in Calgary, spent almost a year in Newfoundland, explored a lot of British Columbia, and even been around in Saskatchewan. I think I am done with Canada for now. It’s time for me to go. I was originally planning on moving to Mexico for a year, and that still might happen down the road but right now home is Jersey. Home is where your heart is.

Thanks for reading about my journey, and stay tuned for more adventures like this. Make sure to check out more pictures from the trip below.
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