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The Struggles

Lately I have been feeling extremely stressed about trying to be a photographer.
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I am a Wanderer.

I have always wanted to explore the world. There is so much to do and see. So many cultures to experience. I have never understood how someone could be so content living in one place.

Life is so wonderful and constantly surprises me. You never know the opportunities that are going to present themselves. My little sister recently went on a cruise in Miami and met some amazing people. When she came back from her trip, she introduced me to this guy Anthony. He lives in New Jersey, and is absolutely amazing. We started skyping every night, talking about our dreams of travel and what parts of the world we wanted to explore together. I eventually planned a trip to go meet him, and we explored a bunch of different states together.

Falling In Love With Mexico

I have been back from Mexico for a week…and already it feels like my time there was a dream.
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The History of Nudity

Lately I keep seeing a lot of controversial debate going on about Nudity. Debates about women breast feeding in public, about giving women the same topless rights as men, and debates in the artistic community about allowing nudity to be showcased on social media sites with less restriction. This debate is something I happen to be really passionate about, considering 65% of my art is about people in their natural form.
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Staying True To Your Inner Artist

Yesterday I read an amazing article about obsessing over likes and popularity on social media, and how it can be insanely stressful. From personal experience, I have learned it can actually end up making you jaded or even take away whatever fuels your creativity.
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Exploring The Natural World

The most important thing to me when creating art is going out and exploring nature, and then showcasing it in my art pieces. Whether it is a simple portrait of someone with beautiful bokeh in the trees, an implied nude piece with an epic landscape as a backdrop, or just a beautiful landscape without a human subject – I use nature as my studio for 99% of my artwork.
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Playing With Blend Modes

Today I am going to show you how to add some beautiful Christmas lights to a picture. It’s a fun way to bring Christmas into your artwork or portraits.

I have already done my basic edits to the photograph, which was making the background almost black, colour correction and skin smoothing. This is what I have to start with:
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Expanding Your Frame

When I am creating my self portraits I always frame it tight and then take pictures of the surrounding area when I am done posing. The reason I do this is because I like to be able to create multiple different looks from one concept. I can change the perspective of each piece. Today I am going to break down how I do this.

The first thing I do is my basic colour and exposure correction in Lightroom, then I copy the settings.

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Basic Portrait Tutorial

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Today I am going to do a breakdown of how I edit basic portraits. I got a little carried away while editing so there are a few steps that I did that I wont break down, because they are not exactly basic. Above this text is a before and after of the photograph we are looking at today.

First I did some simple colour correction and cropping in Lightroom. I always start my editing process in Lightroom, it’s a lot nicer to the photograph because I am editing it in raw.