• Tara Lundrigan

Anthony Nilio

He is everything to me.

He is my best friend, my husband, my soul-mate, and my partner in everything I do. I feel in every part of me - every bone in my body, every beat of my heart that I am going to spend the rest of my life with him. He pushes me to do my best, he puts up with my bullshit, my tendencies to over-react; he has willingly boarded the emotional roller-coaster that is my life.

He is me and I am him. I want to explore and conquer the world with him. I want to dance with him when there is no music, I want to annoy him with tickles and love, I want to do everything beautiful, and everything absolutely ridiculous with him. I want to make love to him under the stars, I want to kiss his nose, make him laugh and wipe away his tears when he is hurting…

We are going. Diving into adventure together. Packing up all of our things and driving across this country to get back into the mountains and everything that I love. I can't wait to show him my world, and what brought me happiness before him.

So I leave you with this. Anthony John Nilio is wonderful, patient and he is all mine. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, I need him like a flower needs the rain, and I am so very grateful, that these feelings are returned. Too the moon and back baby.


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