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Location Versatility

This is a quick little blog to show you how easy it is to use the same location for multiple different concepts.


This piece, for me, represents learning about history and exploring the past, all the while learning to love and be true to yourself.

Going out and exploring the natural world is my meditation. It inspires me and it calms my anxiety. I never knew peace until I moved back out to the West Coast. If I didn't lose myself in nature, I never would have found myself in art.

I am always craving fresh air, and an adventure, and that is what lead me to create this piece. I took a service road up all the way up a mountain in the middle of Squamish Valley. It eventually leads you to a place called Ashlu Mine. It's an abandoned mining area, I think they mined Gold and Diamonds. It's really hard to find history on this place for some reason.

This location is pretty cool, it's spread out but there are a bunch of creepy buildings. It would be the perfect setting for a horror shoot. I went back there another time for that though.

I fell in love this this little rocky area that was framed by the most amazing fallen trees and some pipes. And so this piece of art was born.



After doing the previous shoot and feeling inspired by the location, I brought back a friend of mine who loves everything dark and weird.

It was close to Halloween, so he wanted to take some photos with his clown masks and makeup ideas. He also brought a really weird bunny mask that he made himself. We had a lot of fun. He really knows how to move in a space.

I don't post a lot of these photos, because the majority of my follows do not like dark art, or "horror photography."

They follow me for my environmental nudes.

Dark cinema is what inspired me to become a photographer. When I lived in a big city, I lost myself in novels and movies. I lost myself in other worlds. So, naturally when I first picked up a camera, a long long time ago, the art I created reflected what inspired me.

Every now and then I like to go back to my roots.

Crazy to think these pictures were all taken at the same location. =)

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