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Donald Trump Is A Loser

I woke up in a feisty mood today. I beat the shit out of my body weeding my garden all day yesterday. So I decided to make a YouTube video(coming soon) and article to point out some of reasons why every person on earth should consider Donald Trump a colossal idiot at this point. If that statement alone made you pop a blood vessel in your eye, I would advise turning back now. <3

I do have a lot of family and friends who support this man, and while I do not understand in the slightest I still love them and hope they don’t hate me after this.

Let us start with Trump calling the Coronavirus a hoax. Technically he didn’t say the virus was a hoax. What he did was ramble on and on incoherently as usual; and I quote “One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since you got in. Think of it. Think of it. And this is their new hoax.”

So while no, he didn’t say the virus itself is a hoax, he heavily implied that the evil democrats were weaponizing the virus to hurt him in the upcoming election. He can't form a proper sentence, so you have millions of people trying to decode the word salad coming out of his mouth. I don't think Trump knows what the word hoax means(shocking.) He clearly cares more about the election than he does about a global pandemic. Somehow always finding a way to make every little thing about him. I think there is a word for that, oh ya narcissism.

Over the years I did my best to avoid listening to Trumps speeches considering they usually take place at these weird cult like rallies. However since there is an ongoing emergency, he has to hold actual press conferences now. Well, sort of. He still managed to turn that into a "let us praise our lord and savior Trump for an hour" spectacle. As a permanent resident in this country I am quite shocked that someone with such a hollow head could have been elected as the leader of the "free world." He has made false claims and lied over 16 THOUSAND times. How can anyone still support him?

When I see him addressing the people of this country, he doesn’t even care enough to try to read his pre-written speeches with even a small amount of passion. He looks visibly bored. He has been fighting with the reporters who have the audacity to do their job and ask him fucking questions. Unless a reporter is like "omg Trump you are tremendous, the best leader anyone's ever seen" he'll just tell them to shut up. He actually bans press members. He yells at reporters for asking the most basic questions.

Here is my favorite example: The reporter asks “What do you say to the Americans who are scared? Nearly 200 dead, 14,000 who are sick, millions, as you’ve witnessed, who are scared right now. What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?”

Trumps response? “I say that you’re a terrible reporter. That’s what I say. I think it’s a very nasty question, and I think it’s a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people. That’s really bad reporting, and you ought to get back to reporting instead of sensationalism" Uhhhhhhhhhh. What? I think someone needs to explain to Mr. Orange what irony is. All this man does is sensationalize things.

That question was his chance to give a basic presidential speech about how we need to stay strong, we will get through this. You could have basically taken the speech from Independence Day, tweaked it a bit and then boom, you would have actually seemed like a real president for once. How do you suck so much at your job? People are fucking scared you idiot. If you keep acting like a buffoon then they will be even more scared and then panic will really start happening. Oh but that's right, while you did tell people not to panic buy you also said it with a massive smile on your face and said "people are buying more than Christmas" -- you love that people are buying things because the only thing you care about is money. You are in so far over your head, I really wish you would just resign and let Dr. Fauci or someone with more than one functioning brain cell take over.

He is a baby. He can’t even handle a softball question without somehow feeling personally attacked. I’ve never seen anything like it. He gets pissed off every time someone from the press asks him a "tough" question. These daily “press conferences" are such a fucking joke that news stations stopped airing them because of all the lies that are being told. It's just lies and a bunch of "Oh Mr. President, no one is as good as you, 10/10. You are a lifesaver. Tremendous. How do you know literally everything? People should kiss the ground you walk on. No other country has handled this like you."

The constant ass kissing to the mega corporations is disturbing. He spent 7 mins straight at one of these things just listing the names of CEOs and the companies they work for. No real context. Nothing. Why would the american people want to hear that?? Why do you have the CEO of WalMart addressing the people at a pandemic conference? Oh that's right, you want everyone to kiss your ass, while you kiss the asses of all the corporations. It's like a human centipede composed of rich white dudes.

Do you remember when Trump printed out a list of tweets about him, demanded an apology, and then dropped the paper as if he was dropping a mic? At a press conference for a global pandemic. He is crazy. Who acts like this when you are supposed to be a leader. I don’t even care about pissing people off anymore. Why should I try to tiptoe around the feelings of this giant baby and his equally fragile supporters when he screams HOAX at anything he doesn't like. Do you guys need a safe space or something? You know who thinks they know everything? Idiots.

"The only thing I know, is that I know nothing." - Plato

I am now realizing I have basically been talking about only ONE of the reasons Trump is unfit to be president. It's really hard not to focus on the way he is handling this current situation. You could probably write a book longer than War and Peace about all of the reason why someone like him is a waste of precious resources. No major presidential candidate has ever been this disdainful of knowledge or indifferent to facts. He is a paradox. He thinks he knows everything, while simultaneously being anti-science and anti-intellectual. It would be so much more scary if he wasn't so stupid, because this is fascism 101. Trump falsely stated that the FDA had just approved the use of "Hydroxychloroquine" when in reality it is a malaria treatment they are still doing clinical trials on. Now everyone is talking about this miracle cure. This is why it is so dangerous having a president who has constant shit flying out of his mouth. Now a man is dead and his wife is in critical care because they drank fish tank cleaner that has one of the chemicals in this drug. Yes, they are stupid. But this is why it is so important we have a competent leader that doesn't say things that could potentially jeopardize peoples health.

At this point I have no idea how he has supporters. In fact some polls claim during this outbreak his approval rating has actually gone up. Which I don't get at all. He defunded the CDC and dismantled other programs that specifically help in emergency situations. He then had the audacity to say he takes no responsibility for it and tried to point fingers to some random person on his team. YOU'RE THE PRESIDENT. How about that time he skipped the G7 meeting and then came out saying he knows more about the environment than most people. Or that fact he was impeached. Or the fact that over 25 women have come forward saying Trump allegedly sexually harassed them in some way. He has kicked thousands of people off of voting rolls. Military spending is on the rise, again. He tried to to kick 700k people off of food stamps, but Judge Howell stopped it.

He is deregulating everything, and fucking up everything that has been put in place over the years to protect workers and the environment. You don't have to be a tree hugging hippie to understand that these regulations were put there FOR GOOD REASON. The only people that benefit from this are rich people who would literally laugh as they burn the world down if it meant the numbers in their bank account continued to grow. Even EPA chiefs that worked under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush have sounded the alarm on how dangerous these policies are.

While there might be a handful of positive things this administration has done, they pale in comparison to all of the harm, the deregulation, the racism, and the normalization of being anti-intellectual. I could go on and on but at the end of the day if you made it this far and your mind hasn't changed at all than there is nothing more that I can say.

I need a nap.

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