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Vivid Dreams

Last night I dreamt of zombie hordes.

Hordes that are seemingly made up of more bodies than stars in the night sky. Thousands of infected, rotting, soulless humans searching for fresh flesh to devour. I'm running, searching for somewhere to hide. I find a house with an unlocked door and slip inside.

Hands shaking against the door, I am trying to catch my breath when I hear something inside the house. "Hello" - a man's voice whispers in the dark. "My name is Ben. I'm not infected."

I sigh. I guess 4 hands are better than 2 in this situation. "Uh...Hi. Tara. So, we are trapped inside this house and have no time to prepare. We are fucked."

What could we even do really? It's not like I had time to secure the perimeter or grab supplies. We have no choice but to get ready to fight. Ben grabs two big kitchen knives. I find a wooden broom and snap it in half over my knee. I give Ben one side of the broom, and he gives me a knife. With a weapon in each hand, we go upstairs and attempt to barricade ourselves in the upstairs bedroom.

They reach the house. We can hear them breaking windows, slamming into the doors and walls. They desperately want us. Shit. This room has a huge window, I take a peak outside and my breath catches in my throat. There is a sea of rotting flesh that goes far beyond the horizon. Rolling waves of decaying life. I could see them start to climb the house.

What kind of zombies are these? I remember thinking that. They were fast and seemed almost intelligent. One of them made it to the window and looked right into my eyes. He comes so close, his breath fogged up the glass. He held my gaze for what felt like forever. Then, out of nowhere he let out what can only be described as a scream, but the sound was inhuman...something not from this world. As this note pierces the air, he throws himself through the window at me.

I wake up with the image of glass flying through the air, and his piercing eyes so strong in my mind, it was as if they were burned into my retinas. 😛❤

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